General Information
You are free to choose whatever wording you would like on your wedding stationery (so long as it’s not a mini essay that would mean the font would be too small to read if everything were to fit on one page!). We’ve put together a helpful guide on my Wording Guidance page.
Mixing and Matching Designs
If you like the fonts and layout of two different designs, just let me know as I can usually mix and match any of my existing designs for no additional charge. 
Colour Changes
I can change the colour of fonts to fit in with your wedding theme for no additional charge. If you want the colours in the drawings changed, please get in touch with us. Sometimes this is simple for me to do, so there would be no extra charge but other more complex drawings will be very timely to recolour, so an additional design fee would apply. I've tried to make clear on my designs which ones I can change design colours for no additional fee, but do get in touch if anything isn't clear.
If you like the style of my designs but your venue isn’t listed, I can illustrate your venue or location for you for an additional charge for the design time. Pricing for creating new locations & venues can be found in the pricing section further down this page. 
Paper Stocks
I usually print all of my paper designs on an Italian lightly textured paper stock as it has a real premium feel and the texture is absolutely beautiful. However, if you would like something different, it’s no issue at all as I have access to lots of different kinds of paper. A change in paper type might mean an additional charge to cover the cost of different paper but there isn’t usually a huge difference among similarly weighted paper so just drop me a message and I can pull a quote together for you. Note that thicker papers like Lux are generally a lot more expensive.
If you want to see what your favourite of my designs might look like on other wedding stationery (like place cards, info cards or wedding signs), please drop me an email: or submit my contact form here and let me know which products you are looking for so I can send you some examples. 
Welcome, order of the day and table plan signs are all matte laminated and mounted on 5mm Foamex boards. I find that Foamex boards are much more hard wearing than Foamcore signs and will easily stand up sturdy all day and night for your special day and make a lovely momento to keep afterwards. If you would rather have your design printed onto a poster for you to frame yourself at home, let me know and I can issue you with a quote for it. 
When should we order?
Custom wedding stationery take a bit longer than 'off the shelf' and online templates because I spend time making sure that the colours, spacing, layout and fonts are all perfect for your requirements, so I always recommend ordering as early as possible, even if you don't have all of your details finalised yet. 
The time it takes to get your designs ready for print also depend on how quickly you are able to approve or provide feedback on proofs I send to you. 
Please let me know when you need your wedding stationery in your order form, so that I can advise if this will be possible or not. If you think you might be slow getting back to me with feedback or approval (hectic work schedules, etc.), please let me know when you complete the order form so that I can build in extra time. 
Our minimum order quantities for most printed paper products is 40 units. If you need a lesser quantity, let me know but do note that the price per unit will be higher than those prices listed below to reflect the amount of time that it takes for design and print set up.   
How Does it Work?
- Click on the design you like from my designs and fill in the order form OR if I haven't already illustrated your venue, fill in the order form here. 
- I send you back a personalised quotation and answer any questions you might have.
- You confirm that you would like to proceed.
- I send you a formal invoice with payment details and a link to a google document to populate with your chosen wording for your stationery. 
- Once the 50% non-refundable deposit and your wording is received, I can crack on with your designs.
- I send back a proof for each design within three weeks (usually sooner) to review.
- Once you approve the final designs proof, I'll need you to transfer the balance 50% payment so that I can get your design off to the printers! Your printed wedding stationery should then be with you within 3 weeks from the point of approval.
- If you have any revisions (in line with my Revision terms & conditions), let me know so that I can get to work getting the designs perfect for your needs. We'll then send you a revised proof once we've made the amendments after receiving your feedback. Once you approve the revised proof, see the point above for what happens next!
I've included a guide to my pricing below; however, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation personalised quotation.

Illustration fee for a new venue or bespoke illustration - £75 - £150
(Required if I haven't already illustrated your venue/theme. This option is not necessary if you are choosing from one of my existing designs. The pricing depends on the complexity of the illustration required - e.g. a map will take a lot longer for me to draw than a venue illustration)

Design fee for each item of stationery = £100 - £130
(e.g. day invitations = one item, menus = one item, order of the day = one item...etc. Package discounts available on design fees for couples ordering multiple stationery items where there is crossover in the design)

Combined design fee for day invitations AND evening invitations = £150

High quality printing on premium paper stocks is costly but makes the world of difference if you would like your invitations to stand out on a fridge full of other invitations! It also makes each item of stationery feel like an heirloom piece and something that you could keep to show future generations. 
Printing pricing depends on the quantity required, so please get in touch for an accurate quotation, but as a general guide I've included some estimates below. Note that these may be subject to change as per inflationary price increases from the printers & material suppliers that I work with:
A5 = 1-40 units: £46, 41-70 units: £63, 71-100 units: £83
DL = 1-40 units: £44, 41-70 units: £56, 71-100 units: £70
A6 = 1-40 units: £42, 41-70 units: £54, 71-100 units: £65
A5 folded cards = 1-40 units: £55, 41-70 units: £84, 71-100 units: £113
A6 folded cards = 1-40 units: £43, 41-70 units: £56, 71-100 units: £73
45 x 90 mm folded place names = 1-40 units:£40, 41-70 units: £51, 71-100 units: £60
A5 order of service booklet (cover + 1x folded insert) = 1-40 units: £63, 41-70 units: £91, 71-100 units: £130
A1 sign = £50
A2 sign = £33
Note that the above pricing estimates are for standard rectangular shaped paper/board. For custom shapes like arches or wavy edges; for non standard folds like concertina or gate fold; or for premium finishes like digital foiling, letterpress or hot foiling, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation. 
Kraft or white envelopes are supplied with all invitations, thank you cards and RSVP cards (where required). If you would like coloured envelopes to match your chosen colour palette, there may be an additional surcharge. It's usually about 5p-40p extra per envelope, depending on the colour required. 
Terms & Conditions
Once your order is confirmed, we'll need to take a non-refundable 50% deposit before I can begin any work on your order. Once the designs are finalised and approved by you, I will require the balance 50% before I send your order off to print. My preferred mode of payment is via bank transfer. I will provide the bank transfer details on the invoice and send you through a receipt once I receive payment. 
Included in the price is up to 3 revisions for each item of stationery you have ordered (e.g. full day invitation = one design, evening invitation = one design, RSVP card = one design). To clarify, a revision is where upon receiving a design proof from the Inky Acorn Designs, you, the customer, request an alteration. For my existing designs, the revisions included within the price are: additional wording to be added, font colour changes, switching to a layout I use in another of my existing designs, changing the case of the font (e.g. to sentence case or all capitals). 
If revisions are required, you are advised to collate them and send them to Inky Acorn Designs together in one email where possible as each request received from you to make amendments to the design will count as one revision. (e.g. If you request that I amend the font colour and then later send a request for additional wording to be added to the design, this will count as two revisions. However, if you request both these changes at the same time, in the same email; it will only be classified as one revision. The reasoning for this is that each minor change can significantly impact different elements of the design, so if I have all the information of changes required at the same time, it will take much less time to resolve revisions than if multiple separate amendment requests are received at differing times.)
If you would like me to use different fonts in the design that I don't use in any of my other designs, there may be a £20 charge so that I can spend time finding the perfect combination. If you want different colours used in the drawing, please get in touch. It might be that the colour change is quite simple or it could be much more complex and time consuming for me to change. I need to understand what you would like before I can quote for colour changes or drawing changes. 
If in the unlikely event that the you are unhappy with the final design and the 3 revisions have been utilised, you have the option to request additional revisions for an additional charge of £20 per revision or to terminate the agreement. If the agreement is terminated by you, the deposit will be kept by Inky Acorn Designs and no other charges will be due and no further work will be completed by Inky Acorn Designs and no physical items will be shipped to you.
All designs will be sent by PDF to you to approve before they are sent off to print. Once you have approved the files, I unfortunately cannot take any responsibility for any spelling errors that you did not notice on the proof, even if the spelling error is due to the word being mis-copied from the wording you provided to Inky Acorn Designs, so I do ask that you thoroughly check each proof carefully before you let me know that the design is approved. If you do spot an error after the designs have been sent to print, payment for re-printing will be required before corrected designs can be sent to print. 
Rights and Reproduction
All images and designs created by Sophie Hodges are copyright to Sophie Hodges for Inky Acorn Designs. 
Designs and images created by Sophie Hodges for Inky Acorn Designs may not be edited, copied, sold or reproduced without her permission. E.g. you may not crop one of Sophie Hodges' designs and print it yourself onto an order of service. 
Inky Acorn Designs reserves the right to re-use commissioned illustrations and/or designs in any future projects or commercial products unless explicitly agreed prior to work starting. Note that exclusive usage illustrations would require an additional exclusive use fee to those prices listed above. 
Social media
Unless specified, you permit Inky Acorn Designs to use photographs of the finished designs for portfolio use, on social media (Instagram @inkyacorndesigns) and on You will not be tagged in social posts unless you specifically request Inky Acorn Designs to do so. 
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